MMB Limerick Meet Up with Denise Christie

Denise Christie from Health and Harmony Loughrea was our guest speaker on Oct 15th 2019.

Denise transitioned from a career in law to holistic medicine following a major crisis and turning point in her life.

Taking redundancy from her job in London, she returned to college full time studying holistic medicine.

Denises practice developed organically and she now specializes in helping couples who struggle to conceive.

She created a unique system called ‘The N.U.R.T.U.R.E System of natural fertility’ which is a complete mind/body approach to creating a happy, healthy baby.

To date Denise has helped many couples with 48 babies born safe and well.

The good news is, you don’t have to be trying to get pregnant to gain some insights from Denise’s talks as they contains golden nuggets designed to help you improve your wellness regardless of what age or stage of life you are in!

For more info you can check out Denise’s website.

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