Limerick Meet Up with Yvonne O Grady of Tranquil Energy

We had such a great evening on Tuesdays MMB meet up with the fabulous Yvonne O Grady from Tranquil Energy.

And a big thanks to Dream Balloons Limerick for the awesome branded balloon bouquet.

What a big impression the balloons left rather than a simple business card 😊

Yvonne is a mum to 2 young children, a wife and also runs her own holistic and personal development business. Yvonne knows too well the struggles and difficulties that come up with running your own business, looking after your children, trying to do it all without looking after yourself. Putting yourself first is one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding things that you can do for everyone. 

She is a real believer that once you have self-belief and confidence in your own abilities you can achieve you want. Yvonne is going to share with us some simple techniques on how to increase our confidence and to start believing in ourselves again.

As mums our children think we are amazing superheroes, we just need to belief it ourselves.

To find out more check out her website.

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