Limerick Meet Up with Morna Canty-Ahern 25th February 2020

For this months meet-up in House, we had the fantastic Morna Canty-Ahern from Brass Tax talking about “Starting Your Business”.

Morna’s passion for all things tax and accountancy was clear as day as she captivated everyone and even managed to make doing your taxes sound fun!

It was clear she loved her time with us too, because she’s signed up to come back again in September (right in the middle of tax season!), to help all you mums with your business!

If you have any questions about your taxes or accountancy that cant wait until September, feel free to check out her website here. All her contact details can be found there!

We also had the pleasure of Oana Photography capturing the evening beautifully and are blessed to have such wonderful images to remember the evening.

You will find Oana on Facebook & Instagram by searching for

Photography by Oana Photography

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