Valerie Conway


Founder of Moms Mean Business and The Wellness Chick.

Valerie is a wife and mum of two, Zoe and Ziggy.

After becoming a mum for the second time Valerie created this networking event as she felt there was a need for support around the role of motherhood and business where you don’t have to leave your family behind.

Wanting to reduce time spent away from her baby, creating a space to be inspired, find support, network and have your child welcomed was very important.

Thus Moms Mean Business was born.

Valerie has extensive experience in the business world, but now her main focus and passion is in helping others.

Valerie is a Life and Quantum Coach, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and can often be found giving inspirational talks along with organizing events.

If you wish to hear more from Valerie, feel free to check out an interview with her by Moira Geary here!

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