Jessica O’Rourke

Jessica O’Rourke is a Leitrim woman born and bred. Jess set up Mud Bugs in 2018 after the birth of her son, Fionn. Working with children for over 10 years and since doing her Forest School Training in the UK, she knew she had to bring her love of the outdoors into her work with kids. Jess wants to bring nature to all children and to educate the grown ups.

Learning how to parent alongside working for herself, she has realised that it’s pretty hard to figure it all out but is making small steps to help herself along. Finding like minded people has been the biggest motivation to keep Jess on track. Also learning how to say no, ask for help and give herself credit where credit is due. It’s not easy but she’s doing it, bit by bit to push herself out of her comfort zone. Jess’s mantra is “You are responsible for your own happiness”.

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