Is the plague of comparisonitis killing your business and aspirations?

If you are anything like me, you are forever coming up with amazing new ideas! But no sooner than you have had your newest inspiration and begin to do some research, you start to see that your idea isn’t in fact all that new. It has been done over and over again. Not only that, but it has been done amazingly by others and surely what you might bring to the table could never compare. 

All your self doubt raises its ugly head. You question your self worth, your abilities, and your place in the world.

I have learned over time that when this happens, instead of falling into the negative trap of thinking that it’s all been done before and that I could never do it as well as anyone else, I reframe! 

First I look at why I’m feeling this way about myself. What is going on in my head or what has happened in the past that leaves me feeling this way now? Is there old, limiting beliefs that I need to let go of? 

Then I think about all the books in the world. If every author thought they shouldn’t write a book because it’s all been written before, then the book shelves would be very empty. But they’re not! They are laden with books.

Or ice-cream. How many brands of ice-cream are out there and all the different flavours? There is something for everyone.

Literally anything out there has been done over and over again. 

Likewise, when you are wanting to carve out a space for yourself in your specialized field, it will bode well to remember there is a need for you! There is a need for what you will offer and your unique way of offering it.

Sure not everyone will want what you have to offer but no one is interested in reading every style of book out there, or eating every flavour of ice-cream. But there will still be room for you. There will still be a demand for what you have to offer!

So when you are falling into the old pit of comparing yourself to others and ending up in despair, use this to learn about yourself and grow. Sit with it and think it out. What is it telling you? Where can you improve yourself because of it? Believe me when I tell you that all successful people have doubted themselves at some point, but they refuse to let it stop them achieving their goals.

There is more than enough for everyone. You don’t need to be the smartest or the most perfect person in the world to make your dreams come true. You just need to start and take it step by step. And as you do, the way unfolds. You learn and grow and success follows.

But if you let seeing other peoples successes stop you from going after your desires, you will not only have to live with the regret of what could’ve been, but you are also denying your customers/clients of all you have to offer them. You could be the exact person they are waiting for to help them.

So what are you waiting for?

Go do what you are on this planet to do and be the hero of your own life!

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