Are You Feeling Jealous Of All The Overnight Successes?

When that little green eyed monster is raising its ugly head, it would serve you well to remember that behind most “overnight success” stories is years of unseen work.

Before I give you my 3 awesome tips on how you can build your success, I want to flip the negative connotation associated with jealousy. Anytime you feel jealousy creeping up on you, use it to your advantage.

Notice what exactly you are feeling jealous of, in order to give you clarity as to what you would like to be/do/have in your own life. Then instead of begrudging the person you were feeling jealous of, use them as inspiration and celebrate their successes by feeling happy for them.

This will align you more with your true purpose and also raise you up into a more positive mindset rather than feeling envious and miserable!

Now that you’re already in a better mindset, here are my 3 awesome tips on building your success as promised 🙂

1. Really successful people have great habits!

They don’t just sit around waiting for success to fall onto their lap, they create it purposefully by incorporating self serving habits into their routines. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits explains how to stack habits by attaching a new habit to an existing one so you can get to your goal.

An example of this would be, if you make a cup of coffee every day (which is a habit), you could attach a new habit of visualizing your goal for 60 seconds straight after it. Then when this new habit is firmly attached you could add another one on top of it. So, you make your coffee, spend 60 seconds visualizing your goal and then spend 5 minutes researching how you can begin moving towards this goal. You get my drift?

It is important to be very specific in your habits, because if they are too vague you most likely won’t stick with them.

2. Staying persistent in the face of all failures and setbacks is so, so, SO important!

If your goal is authentic, helps others and resonates deeply within you, then you simply have to stay persistent no matter what!

I understand how hard this can be if your confidence has taken a bit of a knock (with or without the help of Covid) and all you want to do is crawl under the covers and forget everything. However, right then is when you need to stand up tall and figure out what you can learn from this adversity. Then get straight back on the proverbial horse, and keep on, keeping on. Maybe you need to change your strategy, or pivot, but do not give up on your dreams!

All successful people are persistent no matter what.

3. Knowing your WHY!

Knowing why you want something is the fuel that will keep you persistent in the face of all obstacles. This not only ignites a fire within you, but also keeps the passion blazing for what you are doing! If your why isn’t strong enough, then you are likely to slip into the comfort zone and not put in the repetitive work needed to get you to your goal.

So be sure and spend time figuring out why you want something. Write it down and keep it someplace safe so you can reflect on it when you feel like you are running out of steam.

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than before. It adds up”

– Dwyane Johnson

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