3 Time Saving Tips As A Busy Business Mom!

Being a Mom who Means Business means you have very limited time as both being a mom AND running a business are full time jobs! You need to make sure you are being productive and not just busy. Our time is so valuable so let’s not waste it!

Here’s 3 tips to help you get the most of your time.

  1. Prioritise: A question that you should ask yourself every day, if not a few times a day is ‘Will this bring me closer to what I want?’
    We waste so much time making bad decisions because we don’t ask ourselves the right questions. I’ve found this question gets right to the core and I have better outcomes as a result.
  2. Get comfortable saying NO: It can be so hard to say no to our children and to work, but if you always say yes you will burn out and be no good for anything.
    The guilt can be real here when learning to say no, but rephrase it in your mind to a belief that will serve you such as ‘by saying no I am listening to what I need and taking action so when I can give, I’m giving the best of myself’. Doesn’t that feel much better than lugging around guilt and doing things you really don’t want to!
  3. Outsource: The worst thing we can do is try to do everything ourselves! In business it saves time to outsource those tasks that you hate and take you forever to do compared to someone who could most likely do a better job of it than you which will most likely save you time and money! Hiring a VA could be what you and your business need.
    At home you could outsource house work if you can afford it, or look into something like https://www.theorganisedmum.blog method which is an incredible time saving system for housework. She has everything for free on her blog but also has books and an app. This isn’t a collab, I’m just a massive fan! #notanad

I hope you find value in these 3 tips so you can take back your life and have some quality YOU time 😊

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