Are you in the zone?? The comfort zone!

Photo: Zoe Conway/
Written by Valerie Conway

It is said that the comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there! So if you have big dreams and aspirations but feel like that’s all they will ever be because you are too scared to take that first step, then read on. I will take you on a journey out of your comfort zone but in a more comfortable way!

When we dream up a wonderful goal in life, no matter what that goal is, we don’t automatically know how to make it come true so often we just say to ourselves ‘one day I will…’

Then before we know it, years have passed and we are still consoling ourselves with ‘one day I will…’ and we have a gazillion excuses as to why we haven’t made it happen yet. And I’m sure most of those excuses are really valid but guess what.. now this might be hard to hear but the people who go after their dreams have all the excuses too. They have the fear just like everyone else, but they didn’t let it stop them.

So instead of envying them for their accomplishments and feeling shame for not following your dream, how about we look at them for inspiration. Learn from them. Celebrate them and become like them.

But how did they do it? You may ask.

First they figured out what accomplishing this dream would mean to them.
WHY do they want to fulfil it? They figure out if it is their own dream, or something someone else/society told them they should do? When a dream is aligned with who they are and FEELS right, they become unstoppable.

They take a little step, and something happens, and life seems to magically unfold to bring them closer to what they want. After a while another step is taken, and things progress more. Then BOOM somewhere along the line things go sideways, and they are knocked off track. Their confidence plummets and they question everything!

They think they aren’t good enough, or question who they think they are to even go after something like this. They probably have friends and family who don’t believe in them either making it so much worse. This is where most people give up! And it’s understandable, the world feels against you.

But for those who succeed, something stirs in them and they revert back to why they wanted it so bad! They remember the feelings this dream conjured up and if they accomplish it, how their life will be. So they take another step, not a big one, just enough to get the ball rolling again. And once the ball is rolling, it picks up speed.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all smooth sailing from here, but now they have the experience of a knock back and are better equipped to deal with the next one, and the next. They realise that this stuff can be figured out if they keep showing up and doing the work, not just on their goal, but on themselves also. Their own mindset it crucial in this because they have to believe in themselves no matter what!

This crazy journey is rarely shown on social media, it’s usually only the wins and celebrations that are shared. But believe me, every successful person has had massive fails too but they kept going regardless. They remembered their WHY and trusted that it would all work out… somehow.

So if you’re sat on a dream right now that feels too big that you don’t know where to begin then I ask you to get out a pen and paper and write it down. Then write down WHY you want this so bad. Does it feel right? How will it help you and others? Let yourself go wild with this and hold nothing back.

Then work backwards from it, breaking it into realistic bite sized chunks. When you get stuck, turn to google and see how others have done it. Not to copy cat them, but to take inspiration from them so you can do it in your own unique way. Then ask yourself, what one thing can I do to take me a little closer to what I want?

Draw a circle around it like a protective barrier that you will only step this far for now. Just take this one action and see what happens. Before you know it this step that once felt so scary, will start to feel like a new comfort zone and you will then be ready to take another step.

Again put your protective barrier around the new step to make it feel safer so it doesn’t feel like a blind step into the abyss. And again, this new step will once again start to feel like a comfort zone and you will be ready to move forward again. Then you rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat…

Can you imagine if you only took one step a month for twelve months? You’d be in a whole new amazing place in just one year!

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